21 October 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I have been totally thinking today was a Monday all day. Mostly because we all got back from my Dove Chocolate training at 3AM today, so now I feel like it's a 'fresh week.' It's not.
  2. While winding down my business somewhat and waiting for the baby to get here, I quit ordering supplies. Now I have six events in the next 30 days or so, and I'm using the LAST of my catalogs and milk chocolate for my party tomorrow - whoops!!
  3. Training was FANTASTIC! I'm ready to call everyone I've ever met in the next week or so to tell them about their last chance for our $79 business kit! Don't worry - I'll be posting it here again too. It's a great opportunity to join the chocolate business in time for our busiest selling season, and you'll recoup your investment by doing just one average party!
  4. I'm excited to go pick out a Halloween costume with Maggie this weekend...
  5. Have you seen the Edible Arrangements fruit bouquets for Halloween? Adorable! I just saw them on a TV commercial while nursing Jack earlier this evening.
  6. I busted open a box of PB&Chocolate Truffles tonight while I'm getting stuff ready for my show tomorrow - YUM!
  7. I feel kinda bad. We ended up all going out of town for my training this week, so I forgot to order something from Maggie's fundraiser for school. She wanted to get the flashlight keychain that's a reward for selling five items...a friend on Facebook bought four items, but I totally dropped the ball as mom and bought nuthin. Sorry kid. I'll try to do better next time.
  8. Jack's first newborn portraits are done, but I sat around trying to get the oven repaired...again...instead of being able to go pick them up today. Hopefully tomorrow. Then I want to get a frame and hang my favorite one up, of course.
  9. And the oven. Ugh. It smells like gas when I use it again. Unfortunately the repair place did call to try and send someone out, but I was nursing and couldn't get to the phone. Then they left a message, but it was on my Google voice instead of my phone's voicemail, and I didn't check the computer again soon enough to get the message.
  10. I've really got to get back on the ball lately!

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