23 August 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Why doesn't an unwarranted freaked-out feeling go away? About an hour ago, hubby's phone rang downstairs. Which wouldn't deserve a freak out, but hubby has been gone since before we got home. So I went and called the person he's supposed to be with. Everything is fine, he just forgot his phone. Which has NEVER happened. Now I still am just sitting in one place waiting for him to get home, even though I have a rational explanation for everything.

I finally cut my nails. It feels so wrong to do, since I'm continually trying to grow them, but all these prenatal vitamins are turning them into talons! So today was the day I finally cut them and filed them to a nice, non-lethal shape :)

Are we headed into another heat wave? It's awfully toasty in my office tonight...

1 comment:

siteseer said...

I hate it too when I can't shake something. Wish my nails would grow strong.