25 August 2011

Counting Down!

Ugh. I'm hoping I can get some nesting urges this time. My mental list of stuff I should get done keeps growing, and of course all bets are off once the baby makes his appearance. I'm due September 20. Maggie was born exactly two weeks after her due date. I literally had no intention of going on or near my due date with her.

Now? I'm so tired from doing everything I do around here every day (instead of sitting at a desk like last time), plus chasing Maggie that I barely make it up or down the stairs each time without a rest. Urges to move furniture and clean thoroughly? Doubtful. I didn't nest at all with Maggie (hubby jokes he's still waiting for nesting to start, and she just turned four!).

The best part of this being the count down is that I'm past 36 weeks. At this point, I can walk into the birth center for the natural birth I want again. Their cutoff is 36 weeks. If I go into labor naturally, it's time! No worries, be pregnant!

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Shannon and Randy said...

OMG, It could be any day now....or a month from now. Exciting!!!!