05 August 2011

Not Because I'm a Horseman...

Yes, I know my head was cut off in the last picture. It wasn't hiding scars from an unfortunate incident with ATV Wheels or anything - I just don't need my puffy, tired face showing up for you to get the full effect of my belly. ;) Hubby always takes my belly pics for me at bedtime. I've usually long-since ditched any headbands or other attempts to keep my hair out of my eyes, and if there was nothing on my agenda, I never bothered with make-up either. The pictures aren't about me - they're about the new baby!

I think the last picture I posted of me was also a belly shot, so perhaps it's time for a face shot of Maggie and I. Maybe. My to-do list is always long; we'll see if I'm actually brave enough to add something else on the end of it.

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Tammy said...

You are funny. You always look great.