05 August 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. My nails are wet. Trying to type with the pads of my fingers is tricky.
  2. I was almost comfortable for a couple days, but now I'm sweating just sitting at the computer again.
  3. I sort of miss cable TV on these nights home without hubby. I could get into a good cheezy makeover show, you know?
  4. I started buying diapers again today. I'm sure they'll get used :)
  5. I'm almost ready to admit to myself that it will probably be autumn before I get these last few boxes in my office unpacked. It's just to hot to move up here. Most of it is scrapbooking stuff at this point, and we were planning to put shelves in the other half of my closet for it.
  6. Well, my nails aren't tacky anymore, but I doubt they're dry all the way through. Wish I'd thought to put my PJs on first...
  7. Maggie has a bit of a pet fixation lately. This morning she told me how to pet her fish, Dorothy Nerthy. Then, she said she wanted a pet bunny (which was convenient, since there was a baby bunny hanging out on our front porch...). Tonight we watched a dolphin documentary, so she decided she wanted a pet dolphin. She said she'll keep it in our 'lake' (translate: marsh) on the other side of the trees behind our house. Hmm.....
  8. I finally made an appointment with a pediatrician for Maggie's preschool check-up. We go in next week. Luckily, the same pediatrician can look in on Jack after his delivery and okay us to go home :) Yay for consolidating doctor's appointments!
  9. My biggest excitement today was finding out about MORE chocolate training available in October. The company is even paying for my hotel room. And when I called to check, they said it would be okay to bring Jack! (Cuz I'm not leaving him when he's less than a month old...)
  10. Geee...ten things already (it's taken me like an hour to get this far!). I think my nails just may be dry enough to go read my book and eat some chocolate downstairs, where it's a bit cooler...

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siteseer said...

you always have so much going on.