25 August 2011

(Almost) Off the Hook

I've been reading other folk's posts and status updates and such about getting ready for school. I didn't really give them much thought, since my daughter's new preschool has just asked for wipes to help clean kids' hands. No problem - I can pick those up on the way to orientation! It's not like archery equipment or something, right?

But today after I narrowed her selections for what she could pick to wear, I realized that the dress I had presented as an option barely covers Maggie's bottom. Really? You had to have a growth spurt in the month between your birthday party (when I could have said big school clothes, if I'd thought she was going to need them) and when school is starting?

Luckily I did notice an ad for a resale shop in our new town. I need to drag my big preggo butt out to do some very low-budget shopping so my darling daughter doesn't show up at preschool looking like some hootchie with her booty hanging out! That'll be the easy part - then I need to convince her to part with the dresses she loves (and no, getting her to wear pants/shorts/leggings with said dresses isn't any less of a challenge :( (.


Denise said...

Please. Come over and raid the closets.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Haha ~ love this post! And enjoy your little darling, cuz they grow up too fast! :) P.S. If she also needs a fun cooler for back-to-school lunches or snacks, our boutique has some really cute Bungalow Scout small coolers and ALL on Sale! :-) Have a great week.

Tammy said...

Oh no you don't want her looking like no Hootchie, MiMi would be very unhappy about that.