16 July 2011

Final Countdown

Maggie and I had such a fun time at her cousin's birthday party today. I love hanging out with my family and seeing the girls have such a good time together.

But enjoying their party so much has really elevated my awareness of how much I need to do before Maggie's birthday party and our open house next weekend. And unfortunately hubby doesn't have any availability to help out with this stuff this week, so it's all on me. A lot of it I know I'm not physically capable of, so I'm having to sort the list down to a real 'need' basis and still get some help.

Any suggestions for how to get some of this off of my list most efficiently?

  • Powerwash deck
  • Powerwash play structure
  • Replace rope parts on play structure
  • Put roof on play structure (not going to happen, but a girl can dream, right?)
  • Install pony tire swing on extension (not yet installed) to play structure
  • Remove molly from family room wall, re-spackle and paint, then put up the decorations I actually want there
  • Unpack last few stray boxes
  • Go get new bed Maggie wants for her birthday (it's about an hour away...)
  • Arrange for neighbor to cut lawn, and additionally to weed-whack under play structure
  • Figure out where to stash broken adirondack chairs that should go to the dump, but really won't make it there in my car before next weekend
  • Weed landscaping near house
  • Arrange to have a cake picked up by someone on their way to our house on Saturday (I'm thinking a Costco cake would be good, but I don't have a membership)
  • Get pinata fillings
  • Friday: Go shopping for food to grill at party on Saturday
Oh, yeah, and Tuesday is already booked pretty solid. And I have chocolate tasting parties on Thursday and Friday night.

I thought last week was my tough week for the summer, but I'm tired just reading everything I want to do this week!

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siteseer said...

Yikes!! that is busy. I'll do the cake thing for you. Amazing how what needs to get done - gets done. See you tonight.