17 May 2011

Wheels are Turning...

Tonight we got to make yet another trip to the old house. It turns out that since listing our house for rent on Sunday, there have already been like EIGHT showings! And one application (that we would be insane to accept, but hey, it's an application, right?). Our realtor is optimistic about the showing scheduled for tomorrow, so we'll see!

We went out tonight so hubby could get more stuff out of the garage, and I peeled the wallpaper border down from Maggie's old room. We don't intend to re-decorate any of the rooms before renting the house out, but Maggie had torn down a big chunk of the wallpaper so we took the rest down so now it's just painted and has a chair rail (I think that's what it's called - the moulding around the middle of the room?).

Weird discovery of the day - I'm the only person I know who doesn't hate taking down wallpaper. All the picking and peeling is sort of therapeutic or something. Don't get me wrong: I'll never voluntarily wallpaper anything, since I'd never really enjoy taking it down again later, but I don't think I hate it as much as most people. Go figure!

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siteseer said...

on the you don't hate it - you just did a border, not an entire room or wall lol. You would learn to HATE it!!