17 May 2011

Back to Business?

I've finally been getting back to work on my chocolate biz again! And it's paying off in a hurry :D Both days lately that I've buckled down and made some business calls, I've gotten results.

The calls are coming from door prize slips received at the women's expo I worked a couple weeks ago. Some companies try giving out promotional pens or whatever, but we just collected entries for a big basket of Dove Chocolate goodies. Then everyone who had worked at the expo got together and divided up the slips based on where the prospects were located (since everyone wants tasting parties relatively close to their home).

The first day, I made about ten calls, and booked one show the first week in June - yay!! A couple other people were nice about it and asked me to call them later, since either now wasn't a good time to talk on the phone, or they just couldn't commit to booking a show yet.

Today I booked another show, just three days following the show booked the other day! Yay! Now I'm headed back to the post office tomorrow to send off their custom envelopes with everything they'll need to get started on a successful show :)

The best thing I've learned lately? While personalized pencils from your company are nice, they aren't going to get you business on their own. The woman who booked a show today actually asked me toward the end of the call to clarify which company I was with. It turns out she'd offered to book a show with a couple companies, and I was the first one to call - kinda sad, since it's already been two weeks since the expo and the move put me later than I'd have liked to call!

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siteseer said...

glad you're getting shows scheduled. Are they in your new area?