05 May 2011

Necessary Change?

I've seen quite a few episodes of Intervention (really loved that show when I wasn't so busy pre-Maggie), but never one with xanax detox. I can almost imagine an intervention would be required to prompt coming off that much xanax. Because really - if you're that souped up and totally relaxed, why would you be able to fathom wanting to change that condition? Hmm.....

I remember talking to a counselor once who said alcohol is the hardest addiction she sees to break. Withdrawals notwithstanding, alcohol consumption is completely socially acceptable. When someone passes on a drink, half the crowd will say, "Aw, c'mon. You deserve a break - have a drink!" There's commercials on tv and the radio, and the ads in the store are not hidden from anyone. For someone to stop drinking, they have to go against the grain and really decide to continually say no to alcohol.


siteseer said...

Very similar to a food addiction.... just try to stop eating. My favorite saying for myself is "For those who are given to excess - abstinence is easier than moderation." - John Drybread
Still doesn't work for food though, because you have to eat to live.... just can't live to eat.

Tammy said...

Judi you beat me to it. I was going to say the same thing.