05 May 2011

To-Do List for May 5, 2011

  • Bathe Maggie
  • Eat artichoke from fridge :)
  • Finish laundry in progress (fold from dryer, then dry and fold from washer...)
  • Pack up Maggie's bathroom
  • Put clothes on hangers in trunk
  • Pack up majority of non-refrigerated food
  • Shower myself (including dry hair and make-up)
  • Pack blow dryer (for hubby to use on floors in new house)
  • Eat lunch and feed Maggie
  • Drive to new house and unpack car
  • Dinner with friends :)
This is one of those really odd cases where the plan sounds better in writing than it did in my head!


siteseer said...

Just start checking them off :)

Tammy said...

How many miles to the new house?