18 May 2011


Unpacking is so much more of an adventure than packing. For packing, I was just throwing things in boxes as quickly as possible. Now that I'm unpacking, I'm finding some real surprises! How did I ever get this stuff in the first place? Hubby's drawer in the bathroom had probably close to ten different cologne samples, and I didn't get him any of them. What's up with that?

The bathroom has really turned out to be the most fun box so far. Our pantry apparently contained everything from hair removals, to different essential oils (that I no longer remember what they may be for) to back acne treatments. Why didn't I notice more of this craziness when I was packing? My advice to anyone moving is to start packing sooner, so you can take the time to pitch the randomness before you carry it across town (or even further).


siteseer said...

totally correct. As soon as you think you might be looking for a place is when you start sorting and pitching lots of stuff.
Once that's done you have a lot less to pack :)

Anonymous said...

At least it's a good excuse to go through everything now and get rid of crap. Amazing how fast it builds up!Shannon