19 May 2011

Damn You, Magic Eight Ball!

I asked the magic eight ball (as I was packing it in a box) if we'd ever be done packing and moving. It said, "Doubtful."
I think it may have been right.

We're getting people looking at our old house who are interested in renting. We've said it's available June 1. Some folks have filled out applications (even though they made NO money in 2010, or want to pay us half as much rent as we're asking), and they've specified that their 'offer' to rent is contingent on us getting things like our boat out of the back yard, or our echo leaf blower out of what they already are trying to consider 'their' shed. Hold your horses, folks!

While we certainly do plan to clear all of our stuff out of the old house before someone else moves in, we've got almost two full weeks left before it's available. We will get it all out - the magic eight ball doesn't actually know anything!

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