16 April 2011

Trial Run

Well, moving could start in a week or so. We've been told the paperwork is just being processed and everything is with the underwriters. In the meantime, hubby and a friend are taking a trial run on the whole moving thing. Our friend has re-done his condo and now it's up to hubby to make sure the truck insurance is up to date and go move some furniture from storage to our friend's fresh condo.

When it comes to our moving, I think we'll be using a covered trailer or two more than the truck. Since we're moving closer to hubby's work, the plan is for him to take a trailer full of boxes each day and empty it after work. While he's at work, I'll either fill up another trailer, or put full boxes in the garage to be loaded on the trailer once he gets home, and repeat the whole thing each day til we're moved.

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siteseer said...

moving is always a fun opportunity to clean up and clean out. Take advantage of it.