15 April 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Maggie woke up early this morning as hubby was getting ready to leave :( I just wish she'd still take a nap then, because I know she'll be tired of listening by later on this evening...
  2. I moved the first of our belongings into the new house yesterday - three rolls of toilet paper because I was tired of getting out there and then having to pee (necessitating leaving to find a bathroom only because of a lack of t.p.).
  3. My best plan, I think, is to go to the mall and get Maggie's picture with the Easter Bunny today. That way once work on my seasonal job starts next week I won't actually need to go do it. (Need being a relative term and mostly relating to my guilt from missing Easter Bunny pictures last year...)
  4. The vacation that just keeps going - Audrey the cat's new favorite toy is one of our wrist bands from the water park last weekend. She walks around with it in her mouth, while talking to us, or bats it around the room. Fun, fun, fun..
  5. I realized while looking at a business book this morning that what I thought of as a new sticker company has actually been around since 1998. Wow! Glad they're getting the word out now - I finally heard about them at our conference last July!
  6. My May is shaping up to be crazy - and that's not even counting the fact that we'll be moving at the same time! We've got a weekend of family stuff, a weekend of Memorial Day, and then Mother's Day is yet another Sunday (half of a weekend). If you want a week-day chocolate party, please contact me! I still want to work too :)
  7. I'm also sort of re-thinking my plan for an event tomorrow. I wanted to make some mousse and display it all pretty, but now I'm worried about the temperature/consistency staying the way it should. If I can't keep it cold enough (in a cooler, since I'm leaving my house hours before the event), it'll be sort of runny. Still yummy, but probably not very pretty for display. Hmm...
  8. Seriously? I just called for a new payoff on a loan we just paid off, because the mortgage guy said there was still a balance showing of less than one payment. The chick on the phone wanted me to register for an online account to pay off immediately instead of giving me a 10-day-payoff. What a hassle! When I told her I'd just mail a check and wait for a bill of less than a dollar next month, she relented and gave me the payoff amount. Really? Why do some things have to be so complicated? Glad she finally did it the easy way in the end.
  9. I like when there are stars I know on Sesame Street. Like Adam Sandler singing the Elmo song.
  10. Has anyone seen my motivation? It seems to be slipping away this morning...

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siteseer said...

I think Audrey is letting you know she didn't like being left behind lol. And don't you hate it when someone uses their position to make everyone miserable? My mission in life is to help them all lose their jobs. They don't want to be there anyway!