02 April 2011

Too Much Fun to Pass Up

Sometimes I consider getting out of sales. If I wanted a more flexible schedule, I could always go into medical assisting or something. I'd make good money and still be able to have a pretty flexible schedule. On occasion I figure something like that or more business-y would work well when the kids are a little older.

But then I'll have a fun night like tonight. I'll work, but forget I'm working. Then? Sales really feels like the place for me. I have fun, and I help other people have fun too. How can someone not smile when you tell them chocolate is your job? Sharing smiles really just multiplies the income I make from sales.

1 comment:

siteseer said...

Good thing so many people have so many likes.... if not you'd be taking my job :) I prefer the 9-5 with a steady check.