29 April 2011

The Registry

Don't get me wrong, registering for gifts when we got married was very cool! But since I had been in my apartment for years, and he had been in the house for years, there really wasn't much we 'needed'.

Now, we have a new house, with twice as many rooms (practically), and I'd love a day with the barcode scanner picking out everything we need/want. Hahahaha.....

Although I certainly won't do it with my kids being only four years apart, I can see why the excitement carries some people away and they do a second (or more) baby shower ;)

Guess I need to start working more to get a few more of the things we want for this very exciting year!!


siteseer said...

the journey is where it's at. Once you have everything the fun just isn't there. Don't rush it... enjoy the trip.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Good advice, Aunt Judi. Applies to me too right now. I'm going to remember this!