03 May 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Aren't I so sneaky? I'm posting my Random Tuesday Thoughts before I even go to bed on Monday. Go, me?

I really enjoy spending time at the new house even without any stuff. You'd think this would motivate me to get packed quicker....when I wake up I'm determined to pack lots of boxes!!

I feel like I'm forgetting something lately. I think in part it's preggo brain and I am forgetting things. I think in other part I'm so darn busy I'm going crazy just trying to keep it all straight! Luckily I sort of thrive on busy-ness, so it seems to be working out for me so far. As far as I remember, that is...

And I'm getting hungry again. I hate that. I'll now wait another minute to see if it passes, or I'll have to go snack now, in the middle of the night...again. Hopefully it'll pass. I was just finally able to clock out of work and I just might be too tired to chew :(

I hope my hair grows long enough for a ponytail soon. Hubby doesn't like it short, and right now it's too long to have the easy maintenance of short, and too short to be pulled out of the way quickly and easily. C'mon hair, GROW!!
(but not on my legs, cuz shaving is such a pain....)

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siteseer said...

good thing your hair grows so fast... and with the extra vitamins it should be on turbo grow!! And yes, you are very busy. It'll all get done. See you Friday