26 April 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Wow! Was it only yesterday when I said I was going to jot down some of the randomness in my head so I'd do a decent post today? I'm such a liar sometimes.

I'm mildly bummed. I got the new OPI gel axxium manicure a couple weeks ago. It's sort of like gel instead of acrylic nail polish, and it almost grows out instead of actually coming off. Unfortunately the 'almost' means that I have a bit of it lifting off the ends, and a bunch growing out, and now I just can't fit a new manicure into the schedule before I'm going to see a bunch of people this weekend. And so I decided to just do the straight gel nails, but that takes even longer so really, really can't fit in my schedule. So I would LOVE to have pretty nails (especially since it's been so long), but it's still not meant to be. And they look worse than usual, since they're falling apart and I don't have time to properly remove them and polish them on my own.

I've spent so much time scoffing at those silly people on Facebook who get sucked into their Farmville, or Mafia Wars, or whatever those little games are. And then Facebook just showed me Zombie Lane. I love zombies. Please come be my neighbor ;)

Usually I know my schedule inside out for weeks in advance. I just get nervous if I don't. Lately I'm so excited about everything, and probably suffering from baby-brain, that I have to check my calendar all the time! I'm continually convinced that I'm about to miss something important!

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