28 April 2011


What a lot of great things going on at once!

Besides closing on our new house this afternoon (and trying not to stress about moving over the next couple weeks!), I'm also participating in a local Internationl Women's Show for my chocolate business.

Luckily I'm not in charge of the table this time, but I'll still be there with some promo items and hopefully generating lots of new leads and business for myself!

These sort of events are different from my regular shows, and I remember looking a lot at reviews of other promotional companies when deciding how to set my display up and what to give people to entice them to follow-up with me, or at least fill out my door prize slip! I'm used to a lot more one-on-one interaction with hostesses and guests at my show, not just handing out personalized notepads and hoping for the best.

The location of the expo gives me some hope too. It's in the middle of some more prosperous suburbs, and at a large, well-known location. It's even a bit closer to the new house, which will hopefully help me build contacts in my new neighborhood.

Lots going on - hope it all pans out as positively as it could!

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