12 March 2011

Yay! Zombies!

The other night hubby and I got a new (to us) zombie flick from Netflix. According to IMDB it's Wasting Away, but it was in our queue as Aaah! Zombies!! Either way, it was unique!

This particular zombie flick was from the zombie's perspective. It had a really cool way of showing you how the zombies saw things in color, and how everyone else saw the zombies in black and white. The zombies were really slow, and thought the people they couldn't understand (because everyone else talked and moved so slow in comparison) as 'infected.'

It didn't have a lot of gore as a zombie movie, but I didn't miss it. While they definitely promote it as a comedy, I merely found it amusing, but I'd love to add it to my collection of zombie movies. The love story was touching, and I definitely appreciated the happy ending (for most of them!).

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