12 March 2011

Save, Save, Save!

It's tax refund time - yay! I'm excited to plan a little weekend getaway for us to a local indoor water park, just to break it up ;)

I know a lot of people talk about what a waste it is to let the government have money 'interest-free' all year, but it's always such a nice treat when we get it back. I'd be so bummed if we owed money and had to come up with it at this point instead of a nice bonus.

What's your best tip for having a little stash show up periodically? Do you clip coupons? Do you use cheapestautoinsurance.net? Are you the queen of discounts?

I can never keep track of that sort of stuff, but I'm good at knowing how to make a few bucks here and there. By participating in focus groups, or a few odd jobs I pick up from time to time during the year, I have walking-around money when I need it.

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