10 March 2011

Tell Me Thursday

As yesterday's picture illustrates, Maggie is very happy that her mom is a chocolatier! One night for dinner, I melted some leftover chocolate and we used it to cover strawberries I'd gotten on sale at Meijer. Yum!!

This is the last month to sign up as a Dove Chocolate Discoveries chocolatier for just $49! I'd love to see more people take advantage of this awesome price to start your own business. You'll make back your initial investment by doing just one show - and that could be your own! You get paid at least 25% of the total sales of every show you do, starting with the first one. There's really nothing to lose!

1 comment:

siteseer said...

you're spoiling her into thinking she will always have chocolate on her strawberries. Not at our house lol. just plain old fresh sweet strawberries. She is a lucky girl though isn't she ? lOL