10 March 2011

Snug as a Bug in a...

I always tease Maggie when I'm bundling her up in warm clothes, or strapping her in her car seat, or tucking her in bed at night. There's an episode of a kids' program called Word World where the animals try to figure out a rhyming word to complete the phrase, 'snug as a bug in a...' Now when I say the beginning, Maggie shouts out, "Rug!" It still amuses me every time.

One of the things that really makes me feel snug is one of my favorite holiday presents from last year. I'm so perpetually cold, I'd told hubby I'd like an electric blanket again (I don't think I've had one since I was in high school!). He had a suggestion, and got me something I'd never heard of. Did you know there are heated mattress pads? They are awesome! Ours has a pre-heat setting, so I get it all toasty for the first half hour I'm in bed, and then turn it down to a low but cozy setting near the bottom of the dial. If I wake up at all chilly during the night (which I usually don't), I just bump it back up to the nice high pre-heat! I love it!

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siteseer said...

When we had an electric blanket we only used it to preheat the bed and turned it off when we got in. Now we have fleece sheets and don't even need anything else. A smaller bed is also very helpful for us so we stay snuggled up and warm.