17 March 2011

Still House Hunting

So hubby went and saw a house that he thinks may be a winner today. While it has some of the regular stats like four bedrooms, an office, a three-car garage and a big yard, we're both letting our imaginations run wild for the basement.

He said it has several rooms in the basement. Besides the utility room (boring), there's a game room (with room for ping-pong AND pool - guess we'll need billiards supplies), a space for a play room for Maggie and friends, and another room with a large walk in closet that would make a perfect office for me close to said play room.

I think we'll all head out and take a look on Saturday. If he's still as excited and it looks good, we'll start trying to work magic with the numbers, I imagine. And if not, I'm sure we'll find the right one when we're supposed to :)

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