11 March 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I even blow-dried my hair this morning, and it still ended up a very bad hair day :( I may be wearing a hat to Disney on Ice tonight!
  2. My head has wanted to hurt for a few days now. I think a Cherry Coke on the way out tonight will fix me up...
  3. I'm in a funk again, but I think I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope it isn't a train.
  4. Maybe I should start a poll about cutting my hair again. I'd love to grow it out and ponytail it, but I tried for like a year and it never got long enough...
  5. Apparently I'm a fan of ellipses today ;) ....
  6. I...erm...totally forget what #6 was, since I got up to answer the phone and chat for a bit in the middle of it.
  7. I want to eat something salty, but I'm all out of Dean's French Onion Dip. That's the best way to eat Ruffles Potato Chips :(
  8. I totally want to get on planning a water park vacation for us next month. I really need to get the lead out to work my way down my growing to-do list!
  9. By the way? I'm cold. Yeah, big surprise I know.
  10. I really like Faygo Rock & Rye. Have you had it? Just one reason I love living in Michigan - yummy Faygo pop!

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