14 March 2011

Mid-Spring Vacation - Here I Come!

Years ago hubby - and then hubby and I - used to go to the Miami Boat Show in Florida every February. But the fun we had there wasn't the sort that would work around an infant or young child, so it worked its way off our agenda.

One year we did a little week-long or so driving tour visiting friends and seeing the sights through and around Pennsylvania and the DC area. It was fun for us an Maggie.

Now that Maggie is getting a little older, we want to show her a good time too, and not just bring her along. So we're staying really close to home for a short trip, but I think we'll have lots of fun! We're just staying a couple days at a cool looking resort with an indoor water park. We'll get to chill on the rustic furniture, have a fabulous 'winner-winner-chicken-dinner' and get away for a little bit, anyway. We're also going with friends, so it'll be fun to share the laughs and watching the two kids interact too ;)

I can't wait! Hubby keeps teasing me because every calendar we has says 'WATER PARK' in big letters across the days of the trip. I'm trying to give myself something to look forward besides having a job I love every month.

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The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Sounds like a blast! Have fun!