11 March 2011

Ends Almost Meeting?

I love when a plan falls into place :) I have a couple things I want to save for, and I just may be able to make my goals!

I remember being in college, and working, and wondering if I'd need payday loans to pay the rent before my check came in again. It was close more than once. I suppose that's what makes me appreciative of things usually working out.

This spring is going to be busy to keep all the balls in the air, though! I'm starting my test-scoring job again next month (which meant a late night last night getting all the prerequisites done), plus some editing on the side, plus trying to continue doing six to eight chocolate shows a month.

But it sure is fun being able to sign Maggie up for the activities she wants, and not having to ask for as much money from the family budget for little things. :)

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