11 March 2011

Breastfeed - Every Ounce Counts

I got to hear one of my favorite PSAs on the radio again today. It was women commenting about the benefits of breastfeeding. Someone says something about the calories burned by the mother each day, then someone mentions immunity benefits for the baby, then there's a comment about preventing breast cancer for the mother, then they get back to the calories burned by the mother. I always kind of chuckle. If burning calories is the best reason a woman can come up with to breastfeed her baby, well, at least she's breastfeeding the baby.

They finally suggest this link for more information. I couldn't find the audio from the radio commercial we heard, but there's a couple brief videos I can't figure out how to embed. It's also not the page just about breastfeeding, although that is the graphic on the page, and there is a link that's not hard to find to breastfeeding info.

I respect the fact that not everyone has a successful breastfeeding relationship for whatever reason, and that's not what this is about. I would just love to see more women try. Like the ad says, "Every Ounce Counts."

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Anonymous said...

This ad is so cute! Shannon