08 February 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I always feel this odd sort of pressure to post on Tuesdays. Like my inner voice says, "C'mon - it's random - how hard can it be?" So then I find myself trying to write, although I really have nothing to say. Huh.

Maggie and I were a couple of regular socialites today. We had a princess tea party birthday party from 1 until 3, and then a Chuck E Cheese birthday party from 6 until 9. Of course, due to my total lack of prior planning, this also involved two trips to Target - one for each gift. If I hadn't been running so late, I'd have gotten both gifts on our way to the first party. Then that totally backfired because if I hadn't stopped at Target the second time I wouldn't have gotten all distracted and ended up running late on our way to the second party. Go figure.

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Really? I'm exhausted and forcing myself to sit up and post randomly? Enough.

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siteseer said...

I always have trouble finding 'like' on fb. hope I did it right