07 February 2011

On My Mark...

In less than a month (okay, only by one day...) I'm getting ready to do the biggest women's expo I've done so far! Maggie and I went with friends on Friday to another women's expo, and I was really trying to gauge what everyone was doing and get ideas for how I want to do my booth next month. Now the real work begins!

I've ordered a banner, flyers and lots of business cards. I'm also looking at what samples and things I want to get from the company. They have a cool recruiting DVD I think I'll get and have playing on one of our netbooks - it'll be practically like a whole additional person working the booth and providing information, right? Okay, I know nothing too passive yields much in the way of results, but it can't hurt.

Still on my list of stuff to do is getting some cutesy-ish things for parts of the display (since my shows usually involve more tasting than actual displaying). And I need to go over who all wants a piece of the action! I know of one team member so far, and I've told hubby that I really need his help. It's sure to be a day of work and fun - I hope another team member or two will want to join us and help me follow up with all the leads we'll get too!

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siteseer said...

It would be a fun day for your whole team. The more the merrier.