28 February 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Now that hubby's back in town and Maggie and I are rapidly heading toward healthy again, I'd like to get back into the habit of making dinner, instead of scrambling late each afternoon to figure out what we'll eat...

So here's my plan (subject to change, of course) for this week:

Monday: Tastefully Simple Creamy Wild Rice Soup with chicken mixed in, along with garlic breadsticks. We also enjoyed strawberries with chocolate for dessert (there are definite benefits to having a chocolatier in the family!)
Tuesday: Hubby has plans with the race car guys, and I have a DSWA meeting. Maggie and Grandma will probably have macaroni and cheese ;)
Wednesday: Pasties with gravy.
Thursday: Maybe a nice pork roast with some asparagus or brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes.
Friday: Quite possibly taco salad.

Saturday and Sunday all bets are off. This Saturday I'm doing a fundraiser show in the evening, and Sunday Maggie will spend the day with Mimi and Papa while hubby and I work at a women's expo in a nearby city (thanks for your help, honey!!).

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siteseer said...

glad you reminded me about Sunday :) is that at your place or ours? and what time?