04 February 2011

Feeling Better

I don't think I said much around here last week, but it was an especially stressful week in good and bad ways. Good, of course, was packing and getting everything together for our Las Vegas trip - yay!! That was wholly successful and worth doing again - as soon as possible!

One of the less good stressful events is finally resolving, so I feel better mentioning it now. My grandma wasn't feeling well and spent the last week or so in the hospital for several tests and procedures. Now I found out she's on her way to rehab! Every hospital trip is followed by a rehab trip, so she can figure out how to function back at home, whether she needs a medical step stool, or an aide to stop by, or whatever else. By spending a couple weeks in rehab, anything she discovers she'll need at home is easily addressed with lots of professionals around.

So after a week home, and snowpocalypse 2011, life is now ready to level off and get back to what we were used to a couple weeks ago...until something surprising happens again, right?

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it's always something ;)