04 February 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Today is Go Red for Women Day - don't forget to wear red.
  2. On that note, not sure what I'll wear today. I'll be hanging out at a women's expo, so I may have my coat on most of the day anyway....I'll probably wear my mominatrix shirt. It's an olive green color with red print, and I usually wear my long sleeved red t-shirt underneath. Perfect.
  3. I sincerely thought more people would want to have chocolate parties now that February is double host credit! At the end of January, previous hosts said, "Darn - too bad I didn't wait til February!" and now everyone is brushing me off. Next month they'll all be saying, "Darn - too bad I missed that!" Silliness, I tell ya.
  4. I actually got up early so I'll be ready to go when our friends get here. Maggie is still sleeping :)
  5. I usually eat first instead of coming in here. I'm starting to get hungry for my boring old peanut butter toast.
  6. And I definitely want to remember to pack snacks for the little girl whose conversational filler is, "I'm hungry."
  7. Last night she refused (again) to talk to her dad on the phone. Then when we got home, she picked up 'her' phone and proceeded to call him. Really? I think he'd get more of the conversation if you talked to him on the REAL phone, child!
  8. One week til my bra party. I've got to figure out the links and stuff and start plugging it on Facebook. I've only gotten one RSVP so far for someone saying she's coming, and one from someone saying she's not.
  9. Yup. Definitely getting hungry. Me, not Maggie for a change ;)
  10. Although it's been more than a week since the project, Maggie is still loving the masks we all painted. But she doesn't want strings in them. She just wants to hold them up in front of my face, preferably when I'm trying to do something crazy that requires vision...

1 comment:

Tammy said...

I have red on today.

I will not be able to make you bra party. Thanks for reminding me to tell you:)

Love the masks. What a great idea.