07 December 2010

Wedding Made in Heaven - A Guest Post

Thanks for the post from Deborah Kline

It was a windy August morning; my best girl friend, Shanna, and I decided to catch-up on this day. I knew she and Andy have been exclusive for about four months now. A knock was heard at the door, my friend ran to meet her mysterious guest. It was Andy. We sat for lunch and savored our food with some kind of deep meditation and silence. It was Shanna who finally spoke telling me of their upcoming wedding.

A month later, I was in this court room witnessing the union of this lovely couple. I felt very happy for my best friend, but at the same time, I felt a little pity for myself - of being alone and feeling vulnerable.

I left my home and since I just moved in the neighborhood, I have no one to watch my house for me. Luckily, I have a reliable home security system. I made sure I set my home security alarm from Securitychoice.com before I went to the wedding, and that made me smile - the reassurance that my home is in good hands.

I went back to watch my best friend's life transform into a more meaningful one, full of love. I enjoyed this evening of a lifetime. It was a sweet and wonderful day. It sure pays to be in 'good company' all the time.

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