07 December 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I. Am. Freezing. I mean, I don't want an electric blanket or an electric mattress pad, I want electric pajamas. I'm so darn cold.

I had high hopes of getting stuff together tonight for my chocolate tasting tomorrow, but Maggie stayed up super late, and now I'm just shivering and considering crawling under the covers just to warm up. :(

When we went shopping on Sunday, I got a body pillow for Maggie for Christmas that's blue, with Beauty and the Beast on it. I thought I distracted her pretty quickly when she almost focused on it for a minute. Then tonight, while we were driving home, she says to me, "We got a big princess pillow with blue on it." Little stinker.

Have you seen Surf's Up? I got it from Netflix for Maggie last week. We've been enjoying it. It sort of makes me like penguins all over again.

Only a few more days of crazy schedule, and then I can take some down time :) There's a chocolate tasting party tomorrow, a networking dinner/meeting on Thursday, a chocolate tasting party on Friday, a vendor event all day on Saturday and then a cookie exchange in the evening, and then a chocolate tasting party on Sunday. Whew. And lucky hubby gets home in the middle of it all. Sorry, honey!

I'm still very cold. Just sayin.

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siteseer said...

to warm up.... fill the tub with HOT water and soak for a while. Put on lots of warm stuff and hit the bed. That's the only sure fire way. :)