05 December 2010

Thankful for a Stranger? - A Guest Post

This guest post from Walter Horn

My favorite Thanksgiving TV special is from the King of Queens. I watch it on Satalite TV channels whenever it's on. The episode is titled "Thanks Man" which originally aired November 26, 2003.

In this episode Carrie and Doug invite their friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving. While the dinner is being prepared a stranger, wearing an eye patch, knocks on the door to use the telephone to get a ride because his car broke down. Carrie is immediately distrustful of him while Doug thinks he's harmless.

During dinner the gentleman stays on the porch waiting for his friend to pick him up. None of the guests are able to enjoy the dinner with the stranger on the porch. Carrie refuses to let him inside insisting he might be deranged and kill them all. Carrying his dinner plate, Doug gets up and joins the man out front. Little by little each guest follows. Finally, Carrie goes outside also. The stranger says he will need to use the bathroom before his friend picks him up. Carrie lets him inside and everyone stays outside. It's then that they realize the man robbed them and went out the back door. My favorite line is at the end when Doug says, "Told you he wouldn't kill us."

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