25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope your family knew what were perfect gifts for mom! We had a great Christmas morning here :) I got a new outfit, a screen protector and case for my iPad, and a perfect pair of boots! Oh - and I'm wearing my new pajamas I got to open last night :)

I've been much happier with the holidays since I've started mentioning stuff I want on my blog. Hubby sees it and can even pass along ideas to other people. And I'm not put on the spot when someone asks what I want. I wouldn't want to give the same idea to everyone, so this way hubby sort of coordinates telling everyone what would be perfect gifts, and he knows which ideas he gave to which people!

Hope your Christmas is merry as well!

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siteseer said...

what a great idea to get what you want and not have to come up with something on the spot