24 December 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Since it's Christmas Eve, I totally forgot it was Friday too. Like the two may be mutually exclusive or something??
  2. I love surprises. If I wanted to be a sneaky ninja, I could totally go see what hubby is wrapping for me right now, but I'd rather be surprised in the morning :)
  3. I didn't even wake up early this morning, but this has somehow felt like the longest day! I would have sworn it was like midnight hanging out at my parents' house, but we were on our way home around 9:30PM. And there's still another day of fun and games to come!
  4. Maggie was so concerned tonight over her baby cousin crying. She told us, "Alexis wasn't having fun." Poor thing!
  5. I should probably write down my little 'mental notes' about who moved, who died, and whose cards were returned undeliverable. I'm trying to just remember for another day and hoping to get my new address book tomorrow. Yeah, like I'll have nothing better to do tomorrow night than re-copy my whole address book.
  6. The poor cat was locked in my office all day alone. You think she'd learn...
  7. I think my wrapping turn is coming. Hubby is walking around again.
  8. I'm really hoping my nail polish makes it one more day without chipping and looking all grody. I'd rather have no nail polish on than chipped nail polish, but it's usually too late to make it gone by the time it's chipping.
  9. I've been using the Theraplex Emollient cream on my dry eye skin. It's AWESOME!!
  10. Aannnndddd - It's my turn to help wrap Maggie's presents, and then wrap hubby's :)

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