17 December 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I think I'm on a roll today (luckily!). So much to do, so little time!
  2. Why does my back pick this week to give me trouble again? Thank goodness for motrin!
  3. I wish I had more sweaters. Hubby is tired of seeing me in hoodies, but I'm always cold!
  4. But I don't want to have a billion sweaters like I did in the 80s (the decade, not the temperature) either.
  5. I'm sort of justifying my dawdling on this post now because once I get some stuff I've already printed ready to mail, I need to get a shower...but the dishwasher is running right now, so I'm cautious about the hot water situation, you know?
  6. I hope I can get my hair to look decent today since I'm going to see a bunch of my friends tonight!
  7. Tonight is the big ornament exchange! I think we'll have around a dozen ladies. Thank you, old man weather, for not ruining my big par-tay!
  8. I was sort of bummed that only one person showed up for my Dove team party last night, but we had a lot of fun anyway :)
  9. Grrr.....I got a new game on my iPad the other day, but it doesn't work. I wrote the developer, and he says to resync the iPad. I hate, hate, hate doing that because it takes hours, and usually something ends up not working or deleted when I'm done. If I hadn't won the iPad, I definitely never would have bought it. It's a cool game machine, but totally not reliable for any real purpose. I've hated iTunes forever, and swore not to get anything that used it after the hassles anytime I tried to update my iPod.
  10. And on the tail end of #9, Cut the Rope had better be worth it! (That's the game that's getting me to resync...again.)

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siteseer said...

see you tonight. Looking forward to kicking back and relaxing