16 December 2010

All the Balls (almost) in the Air!

The holiday season inevitably means a lot going on. But I'm still basking in the fact that I'm done with chocolate shows until after the first of the year - yay! And I'm still on track to meeting my goal with just a couple orders between now and then :)

My house is in reasonable condition and will be spruced up again this afternoon before my Dove team celebration tonight. I may even have time to paint my nails between making the snacks.

Tomorrow is my second annual ornament exchange. The turnout isn't expected to be nearly as good as last year (because last year I mailed invitations and this year I just Facebooked it?), but it'll work. And since I'm doing that party right on the heels of tonight's party, all I'll really need to do to get ready is food, nametags, and numbers for the exchange.

There are a few other things I should try to get on my agenda like a bit of follow-up with my January chocolate hostesses, and working on getting those few extra outside orders I need. My office (as usual) could stand to be cleaned. But overall, I'm not nearly as stressed over holiday goings-on as a lot of people, and I'm grateful.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

I hear ya, sistah! I can't sleep at night because I have so much going on - my brain won't turn off!

Have fun with all your parties. :-)

siteseer said...

I'm so out of it I'm not even thinking of things. This morning at 5 a.m. I remembered that today was the last day I would see a couple of my coworkers and remembered their gifts. Then at lunchtime I was getting stuff ready for tonight and happened to trip over the ornament package that I need to take for tonight. Yeah, I'm on the ball.... falling off that is :)