14 November 2010

Things I Love About My Local Library - A Guest Post

Content by Owen Craig

The Union County Public library is larger than you would expect for a public library. It has a large selection of books, as you would expect, but it also has a large selection of movies and music CDs. Two rooms provide meeting areas where the public can hold different types of meetings. The café nearby is a draw for some patrons, but not for me.

I love going to the library and sitting down on one of the leather chairs to read one of my favorite magazines or local newspapers. I can go browse a large collection of fiction and nonfiction. Odds are the library has a book on a topic that interests you. It may not always have the latest fiction from your favorite author, but it will have best sellers and items that come from local authors.

I can spend hours on the library perusing classics or even surfing the Internet. Because I lose track of time while in one of my favorite haunts, I want to make sure my house is protected. Before I head out the door, I always make sure to set my home security alarm from www.securitychoice.com/20-tips-for-home-safety.html.

After I set it, I know I can go through the library and check out as many books as I like. The only thing I have to worry about is getting the books back on time to avoid paying the fines for being late.

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