08 November 2010

A Night at the Theater - A Guest Post

Thanks to Bernice Caldwell

After the selection process of agreeing on what show to attend, the long awaited night has arrived. The hallways are gridlock like halted traffic on the beltway, waiting for the moment that we can begin moving again. The hustle and bustle of finding our way to our seats, tickets in hand, we are now ready to enjoy the evening we have anticipated for months. I had an ease of mind to enjoy the performance because I set my home alarm system from Securitychoice.com.

The crowd quiets to silence as the curtains begin to open. Right from the start, music sets the mood as the Fiddler On The Roof begins another unforgettable performance. The story depicts the life of a Jewish family living in Russia in the early 1900's. The father, a poor dairyman, has five daughters and as each one chooses their husband, each daughter relinquishes more and more of their Jewish traditions and heritage. Trying to escape from the pressures of life, the father takes his fiddle onto the rooftop of their home in the village in which they live. The music is very moving and depicts the great emotional turmoil the father faces as his daughters grow further and further from their Jewish customs.

The crescendo of the play is when the family's eviction from the small village where they had reared their girls, only to have to find new roots elsewhere, leaving family and friends behind. No wonder this Tony Award winning musical has been captivating audiences of young and old. The Broadway Theatre in New York City was the perfect setting for this memorable presentation.

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