11 November 2010

The New Old 90s Pop Culture - A Guest Blogger Post

Guest post written by Veronica Albright

I guess it's about time now that people get really nostalgic for stuff in the 90s, like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the Spice Girls. Or maybe it's just me and my friends. Well, we grew up in the 90s and now that we're a few years older and have some experience as adults we're sad about not being kids any more and want to be surrounded by stuff that kids like. Or at least that's how I see it.

I was online the other day watching some old 90s music videos that I used to love when I randomly found this website www.clearwirelessinternet.net and read through it. I think I might switch over my internet service to the company.

That night that I was online reminiscing, I also came across some news about the new Baby Sitters Club book and knew that I would have to read it. So I ordered it and have been reading it for a couple of days now. It reminds me of all the reasons why I loved the series in the first place.

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