12 November 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I booked another December show last night. Go, me!
  2. Maggie just started fingerpainting (with the color wonder fingerpaints and paper) yesterday. She won't stop telling everyone we see that she fingerpainted :)
  3. I love being busy, but it gets to be mildly stressful when I'm too busy to stand by my 'making phone calls' schedule. I always like to call everyone back within 24 hours, but yesterday I had to leave for an event by 3PM, which killed any evening callbacks for the three people who called me Wednesday night while we were out. :(
  4. I just found out last night that a Red Knapp's Restaurant is open in Clarkston as well as Oxford (where we usually go). This may be the best news I heard all day.
  5. I also just realized as I'm going through my sign-ups and stuff from last night that I spent a few minutes talking to someone who's name is the same as my maiden name. Huh. I'll have to call her and tell her. :)
  6. I won THREE raffle prizes last night. Yay!!
  7. The month is almost half over and I don't have any new team members yet. Who loves chocolate? Who is un- or under-employed? Who would like being their own boss? Start now for just $49!
  8. I didn't realize until Thursday morning that one of my relatively new Facebook friends didn't add me because I graduated high school with her sister-in-law, but because she was the organizer of the event I did last night. Sometimes I'm sort of a dork.
  9. I think I found the dress I want to get for holiday stuff this year. It's a knit wrap around from Victoria's Secret. I'll put a picture in another post. Last time I tried to put a picture in my 10 list, it wonked it all up :D
  10. If I order the dress, I'm totally all about ordering more of the underwear I've decided I like. Oh yeah.

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