03 November 2010

'The List' Begins....

While Maggie was with Mimi and Papa last weekend, one of my uncles gave her a Toys R Us book. Luckily it was just the mini one, but she's still making a maximum list between the book and commercials she sees on TV. I'm hoping she won't be too disappointed, but I am amused at the same time to hear her say, "I want that," when every single commercial comes on! I think the lack of commercials is a great reason for us to continue watching PBS Kids during the day ;)

Once Daddy gets home, they frequently put on Disney channel, and the real toy shopping begins! Now I just have the fun task of weighing what she asks for against what she actually uses to figure out a more useful list for the family members who want to get her something for the holidays :)

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siteseer said...

How many times a day does she say she want's pillow pets?lol It's just a stupid pillow!!! They have them in the stores, but they are the same price, which for what they are is riduculous