03 November 2010

Getting Closer?

As many times as I've talked about it, I do still plan to someday move this blog to something that isn't free web hosting. The problem has been my complete ignorance. I know I don't want to lose the time I've put into setting this up as it is, so I want to do a mirrored (or is it called colocation?) site, I think, at least for a while. And counting on my lack of how-to knowledge, I almost certainly want managed hosting, right?

I finally have a friend who will know how to do what I want done, I think. We just have to figure out how much she wants me to pay her for the time and trouble, and make time to get together and plan. I really enjoy what I've got here, but I worry about the fact that I don't really own it, you know?

How have you made your blog more of your own?

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