30 November 2010

Albuquerque or Bust! - A Guest Post

Post contributed by Alvin Moreno

Each year, we gather with excitement in the land of enchantment. Dad makes the traditional roasted turkey that he slow cooks all night long. Mom creates her veggie trays and fills them with lots of fun veggies that all the grandchildren will love.

But what makes Thanksgiving different in Albuquerque? Well, for one, how many families around the country have enchiladas with their dinners or tamales. Yes, living in the great state of New Mexico had certainly added new tradition to the standard Thanksgiving meal.

As the car gets closer to the border of New Mexico, our mouths begin to water with anticipation at all the great foods we will be sampling along the way. Our minds begin to wonder about things we might have left behind that we need on our trip, like the cell phone, or did we lock the front door. Most importantly we remembered to set our security alarm at this website website, knowing that all of our memories and special things were protected and safe.

With each mile, the kids get more excited about seeing Grandma and Grandpa and all the hugs and joy that will be shared along the way. The miles of Thanks we all share for having one another in our lives. "Mom, are we there yet?" yelled from the back seat brings us back to reality that we still have a long road to travel and kids that can't sit still. It's Albuquerque or Bust!

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