05 November 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I freaking hate headaches. Especially when I have so much to do today.
  2. Maggie is going into another dress phase. Too bad all the dresses she has are summer-y (except one...).
  3. The first thing on my list is cleaning up the kitchen. I thought it got done last night after dinner, but the crock pot with its dirty pot is still in the counter where I'll need to put the stuff to bake gingerbread cookies for tonight.
  4. I'm cold again today (I was all day yesterday too).
  5. Maggie needs her blue slippers. Not the green ones, or either pair of the pink ones. The blue ones that go with her Minnie Mouse nightgown. Of course.
  6. I get to see my nieces, and Maggie gets to see her cousins, tomorrow. Hubby gets to see Danzig (even though he admits he's getting old ;) ).
  7. If you ever host direct sales shows in your home, what did you appreciate most from the company's consultant? Or what would you have liked them to do that they didn't? Tomorrow's training is on hostess coaching, and I want to have happy hostesses!
  8. I can hear leaf blowers going. I wish I could talk hubby into using part of the grocery money to hire someone to help him get rid of our leaves.
  9. I'm really not looking forward to snow. Really.
  10. My numbering worked out much better today than last week :)

1 comment:

siteseer said...

for her to wear dresses you need lots of tights. :) It is hard to get used to the cold. Tell her to pretend they are blue lol. Leaves are fun on a warmer fall day.... not cold or snowy. See you tomorrow.