31 October 2010

Until Next Year

Well, there were no zombies at the Halloween party we went to the other day, and I didn't see any out trick-or-treating tonight either. But I did get to see a picture of one of my husband's friends on Facebook dressed as a zombie from Plants vs Zombies - my favorite game!! He was the zombie with the cone on his head - yay!!

Maggie was Cinderella, in the same Cinderella dress she's been wearing for months. I think I posted pictures way back when - she originally picked the costume out as a reward for potty training, but she hasn't stopped wearing it since!

At the party we went to, one of my favorite couples costumes was Brittany Spears and K-Fed. There were also a few people dressed as Harry Potter characters (including a dementor!), the goth chick (whose name I don't know) from NCIS, a fairy, Mario and Princess Peach (what a great costume for those old bridesmaid dresses!), and Dexter (which I sadly didn't recognize because I've never watched the show).

What were the best costumes you saw?

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